Find out more about Natalie
Natalie introduction to kiteflying was when she started working for Martin Lester. She brought her extreme sewing skills to making custom made kites.  Not content in just making the kites she wanted to go to the kite  festivals.   She became well known on the kite circuit flying Martin's famous legs style kite.  When Martin decided that he must make a female set of legs to compliment his male 'Martin's legs' it was destined that they would become known as 'Natalie's legs'.  Few people in the world have had a kite named after them and no one but Natalie has had such a well know kite linked with their name.  Natalie has flewn kites all over the world including at a festival to celebrate the Queen of Thailand's birthday.

Natalie comes from Bristol but moved to London when she married Paul.  As the more artistic of the two it is no surprise that she focuses on flying artistic beautiful kites.

At the moment, when not flying kites she is renovating their Victorian house in North London.   

Last update 5 November 2007