from New Zealand
Robert was born in New Zealand but grew up in the Netherlands. This is where he was introduced to kiteflying. He was working as a chef in one of the many beach pavilions in the seaside town of Scheveningen. Schevengen is famous for the great kite festival held there each year and Robert would have had a great chance to see the kites.  He still remembers 1981 and some of the things that went on that year. For example, a kiteflyer flying a stack of around 20 Flexifoils mid air and the world record flight of the "Blob"[550-sq. ft. Dutch Kite Team Parafoil] He was pretty amazed by all these kites and decided he just had to build one.

On returning to New Zealand in 1982 he found that nobody had heard of "Flexifoils" and he could not get hold of them but luckily his family brought a kitset plan of a Flexifoil with them on one of their visits from the Netherlands. After purchasing an old pedal driven "Singer" sewing machine he got to work on my very first kite and was amazed that it flew straight away. One can wonder whether he would still be making kites today if that very first kite had not flown so well?

His latest innovation is called his fish in line series which includes Idol (or angel fish) Copper Banded Butterfly Fish Juvenile French Angel He also has a lovely swallow train and a brilliant monkey kite. As well as kites he is known for his ground displays, which include multi coloured kiwi birds and award winning kite man banner Another of his hobbies is web sites and I would encourage anyone to visit his.